Let the adventure begin

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, said the Chinese philosopher Laotse once. So I did this first step in deciding to go on a little hiking adventure this summer 2019.

It is now about five years since I first heard of the “Dream Way”. Mark, with whom I went to grammar school together and whom I had not seen since but heard about on Facebook, posted some photos of his experience on the Dream Way. It sounded fantastic! I love the mountains and being in the nature, I love adventures and challenges and I long to push a reset button in an overloaded world that turns a bit too fast right now. So Mark, thank you very much for being my muse – I love to meet you afterwards and tell you if you were right in saying that this will be the best experience in my life.

I am not particularly fit nor do I have prepared myself particularly. Even just the day before my first stage I quickly bought the spikes for the snowy peaks and the hiking maps of the Alpine Club (as they insisted not to rely on GPS only). But hey, I set up this blog instead, haha 😉 Though this is fun for me. Anyway, I am convinced that I can do this! Which is probably the best attitude you can have. And why do I, as a German, write in English? Because there is hardly any literature in English about the Dream Way and it would be fun to make the way more prominent globally, simple as that.

So please keep your fingers crossed that the weather will hold, that the huts always have a bed for me and that my will is strong enough to keep on going even on difficult days. Just say it like the Austrians would do: “Baba, und foi ned.”

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