Day 2 to Tutzinger Hütte

First day in the mountains, yay! Today I continued from the Isar river up into the mountains, passing through woods at the beginning and climbing rather steep stony steps in between the peaks. I made it safe to the next hut, the lovely “Tutzinger Hütte“. Quite a few other hikers are on the same road as I am, so we were quickly sitting together, chatting about the experiences, planning the next routes or just discussing the best cure against blisters or hurting shoulders 😉 It’s really nice to be in this community of nature lovers and positive mindset.

Highlight of the day

Standing in complete quietness at the crest in between the peaks of “Brauneck” (1.540 m) and “Latschenkopf” (1.712 m) and seeing the far away “Zugspitze”.

  • 22.2 km
  • 7 hr 40 min
  • 1.292 m up / 625 m down
  • Highest point: 1. 712 m (Latschenkopf)
  • Lowest point: 642 m (Bad Tölz)


  1. Klasse, die Tutzinger Hütte und dazu das Zauberhaftes Wetter mit einem edlen “Mädel-Selfie“ auf‘m Gipfel! … kann ich beruhigt schlafen! Träum Du jetzt auch schön!
    HDL und LG von MaPa

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