Day 3 to Vorderriss

Waking up from the cows bell-ringing, I stepped out of my 4-bedroom that I shared with other hikers and had just the perfect view of the massive “Benediktenwand” kissed by the early sunlight. Soon I started my todays stage and after uphills and downhills through the rocky woods I arrived in Bavaria’s smallest village Jachenau, where I enjoyed a delicious homemade cake and cappuccino at the local bakery. After that, the tour was still nice but I could feel my feet getting pretty tired. For the last part towards today’s destination, 1 h downhills on a small parth zigzagging through the wood, I changed hiking boots with my hiking sandals and took another cold feet bath in the mountain stream, what a relief. Arriving at the only place that there is in Vorderriß, I had a tasty dinner with the others before we all went to bed tiredly. Typical for long distance hikes, again my room was a shared one with 10 beds and luckily only 8 of us in it and no one was snoring – fingers crossed that the following nights will be as restful.

Highlight of the day

Quick bathing in one of the many natural pools along the little mountain stream – icecold but healthy 🙂

  • 17.6 km
  • 8 hr 10 min (incl break)
  • 723 m up / 1.253 m down
  • Highest point: 1.327 m (Tutzinger Hütte)
  • Lowest point: 786 m (Jachenau)


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