Day 4 to Karwendelhaus

Today I crossed the border back to Austria and it was a loooong way through the valley and wood until we made it back to the mountains again – the amazing Karwendelgebirge. What a beauty!! It was a hot sunny day (good tipp: have a little towel wrapped up to your shoulder strap to remove the sweat in your face) and my feet look funny already with those typical “white socks” below the tanned legs. Anyway, it’s an exhausting hike when you walk and walk and see the destination all the way in the distance. But somehow we managed it and arrived safely below the “Birkkarspitze” at the lovely “Karwendelhaus“. I said “we” because its always a bunch of people doing the same route and its fun to walk parts of it together. In the evening the sun went down opposite the house behind some other mountains, muy romantico, we had delicious dinner, again!, and played quite passionate “Uno” accompanied by some glasses of wine. After which I fell into bed deadly.

Highlight of the day

The evening at the wonderful Karwendelhaus (I for sure will be back!), laughing a lot and feeling these positive vibes of a house full of hikers and bikers.

  • 14.5 km (+ 10.5 km by bus)
  • 5 hr 30 min (incl break)
  • 1.058 m up / 67 m down
  • Highest point: 1.765 m (Karwendelhaus)
  • Lowest point: 925 (Hinterriss)


  1. Das war wg Schnee ein langer Umweg aber bei mehreren Wanderern im Pulk ging’s dann sicher ein bisschen einfacher. Danke für Deinen tollen Bericht! Dass Du nach so viel Anstrengung noch immer abends so schöne Tagesberichte schreiben kannst…: Große Klasse! Weiter viel Kraft und Freude bei Deinem Jahrhundert-Walk ! Wir sind noch bei Pia in MUC und sind Sonntag Abend wieder in Bürgel! Herzliche Grüße von Ben, Theo, Klara, Hagen, Pia sowie Mama und Papa

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