Day 5 to Hallerangeralm

Normally, today would have been one of the toughest stages of the tour: crossing the steep “Birkkarspitze” (2.750m). But due to snow fields with unknown deep holes underneath they still haven’t open that route. So we had to take a detour and first walked 19 km outside of the Karwendel valley towards the village Scharnitz, then took a Taxi for 14 km inside another valley and then hiked 5 more km steep uphill to the today’s destination, the cute “Hallerangeralm” (1.770m). Hey, if you plan to get married: do it there, they have a nice little chappel and the hut owners as well as the atmosphere is amazing!

Highlight of the day

Seeing the yearly “Almauftrieb” (cattle drove?) of about 120 cows. After spending the winter in the stall they are now enjoying summertime on the juicy meadows up below the mountains.

  • 19 km (+ 14 km by bus)
  • 8 hr 30 min (incl break)
  • 804 m up / 800 m down
  • Highest point: 1.768 m (Hallerangeralm)
  • Lowest point: 964 (Scharnitz)


  1. Liebe Vera, wir verfolgen täglich Deine Wandertour. Toll, welche Wanderstrecken Du schon zurückgelegt hast. Sind zwischendurch auch Ruhetage eingeplant oder/und kürze Touren? Gut, das die Strecke mit Schnee gesperrt war – bitte gehe keine Risiken ein!! Wir denken an Dich (und an Deine Füße…) und begleiten Dich weiter am ‚grünen Tisch‘. Es grüßen Dich herzlich aus Hessen. Susanne und Jochen

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