Day 6 to Hall in Tirol

After so many days with fabulous weather I had the first day of rain. But no problem for well equipped VeraWanderlust 😉

We got up pretty early to cross the “Lafatscherjoch” (2.082m) when it was supposed to be still dry, but the weather forecast wasn’t right this time. Before the ascent started, we passed the spring of the river “Isar”! Unbelievable that this little bubbling puddle grows into the big river passing Munich.

The steep ascent – first over a scree field and then over an approx 10m wide snow field – was quite exhausting and the rain didn’t make it any better. It was also a bit scary as one wrong step on the snow field would have ment you’ll slide down… My learning was that I did not buy my spikes for nothing – next time I’ll better put them on.

Once over the top, we descented for about 4 hours into the “Inntal” towards the cute city Hall in Tirol. Here, I decided to take 1 day rest and continue tomorrow afternoon to the next stage – the weather is forecasted to be so bad with heavy rain and thunder that one cannot continue the hike tomorrow anyway; staying in Hall seemed to be a little luxury instead of waiting in a hut and sleeping in another mattress dorm only…

Highlight of the day

After the morning ascent across a scree field and a snow field in the rain, the sky cleared out of a sudden for just about five minutes and we were awarded with a wide view across the mountains and valleys.

  • 14.5 km
  • 7 hr (incl 45 min break)
  • 317 m up / 1. 512 m down
  • Highest point: 2.082 m (Lafatscherjoch)
  • Lowest point: 570 m (Hall in Tirol)

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  1. Toll, Dein neuer Eintrag… und dazu Deine fleißigen Postkarten, die schon nach 2 Tagen bei uns ankommen; Danke, danke danke! Jetzt hoffen wir, dass das nasse Wetter mit rutschigen Pfaden bald durch trockene Wanderwege mit angenehmen Temperaturen abgelöst wird. Prima Gruppenfoto! Hoffentlich hast Du ein paar gute kleine Zehenpolster im Hall bekommen!? Schön, dass Du uns immer auf dem Laufenden hälst! Ganz LG von Deine MaPa


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