Day 8 to Tuxer glacier

We got up early and left the very nice “Lizumerhütte” at 8am. Due to still a lot of snow and foggy weather the route has just opened a few days ago; after some breakfast discussions which way to take, only 4 of us decided to take the original route over some snow fields to the Tuxer Joch Haus. The others preferred to take a safer route down to Mayrhofen and circle the glacier area by bus. It was a steep ascent but the snow wasn’t as bad as expected, also my spikes were a very helpful thing. The four of us were all looking forward to a beautiful view from the top at 2.743m, but unluckily the fog kept following us the whole day! Orientation was no problem though and in the afternoon we arrived safe at our next destination: The “Tuxer Joch Haus“, which is really an unfriendly place with the worst food – defenitely not recommendable…

Highlight of the day

Crossing the peak of the “Geierjoch” after sucessfully climbing over the snow- and rockfields.

  • 11.7 km
  • 7 hr
  • 1.210 m up / 915 m down
  • Highest point: 2.743 m (Geierjoch)
  • Lowest point: 2.000 m (Weitental)

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