Day 12 to Kreuzwiesenalm

Some said this was the worst day, I thought this was one of the best: It’s a longer way on the street down from Pfunders to the lower village Vintl (to where lazy me took the bus), followed by a long hike up again all through the woods, which I thought was a nice change to the rocky trails from the last days. You could not see the peak and where one is heading, that was why some felt this to be a tough stage due to the missing “goal”. Anyway, once ascending up to almost 2.000m again, you got this perfect blue sky and the perfect view of the massive italian Dolomites, wow! The big peak you can see in the picture is the “Peitlerkofel”, which we have to partly ascent & go around at 2.600m tomorrow. After a long hiking day we made it to our next stay: the very nice “Kreuzwiesenalm” (or “Lüsneralm”) which is pretty decent with even Sauna and jacuzzi 😉 Though we rather preferred playing Uno again with new made up rules, delicious Montenegro (the new Averna, as they say) and tons of eye-watering laughter.

Highlight of the day

Hiking out of the woods and suddenly getting the perfect view of our new destination – the Dolomites.

  • 16.5 km (+ 9 km by bus)
  • 6 hr
  • 1.300 m up / 50 m down
  • Highest point: 1.925 m (Kreuzwiesenalm)
  • Lowest point: 750 m (Niedervintl)


  1. „Great and impressive „
    Eberhard&me wish you a blessed sunday in a grandiose nature.
    (we have had a beautiful evening yesterday with your parents)

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  2. Das war doch endlich mal ne Luxushütte zum Entspannen und das in Vorbereitung zu Deinem sicher nicht leichten Aufstieg zu den Dolomiten! Großartig welche Kondition Du hast! Weiter so und allerliebste Grüße von MaPa

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