Day 13 to Gampenalm

Having the grey giant “Peitlerkofel” always in our view, we today reached the “door to the Dolomites”! This was so impressive! But until we got there it was a long 8 hr hike from the last hut. For the first 3,5 hr it was mainly a walk over meadows and upwards through the wood until we came to the nice “Mauerberghütte“, which is very recommendable for a delicious lunch. You really feel that you are in the Italian Alps with Pasta as the typical “primi piatti”. Also, as it was a sunday, a lot of Italian speaking day tourists were enjoying the nice day and nature. Soon after we made it to the “Würzjoch”, which seems to be a tourist destination for hikers, harley Davidson drivers, mountain bikers or just nature lovers. A nice little wooden bar in the middle of another green meadow was the perfect Place for a little power refreshment, hehe… 😉 Shortly after we had a tough climb to the back of this huge Peitlerkofel and then this amazing view of the Dolomites!! Well, the “Wilder Kaiser” in Tyrolia is nothing against that. We didnt stay at the “Schlüterhütte” that was mentioned in our travel book but walked 20 min further to the “Gampenalm“, the best decision ever! The food was amazing and we felt like being in a Michelin-Restaurant! I will defenitely come back here for some chilling vacation.

Highlight of the day

Hiking out of the woods and suddenly getting the perfect view of our new destination – the Dolomites. Or having this 4 course Dinner at Gampenalm?

  • 22.3 km
  • 9 hr 45 min (incl 1.5 h break)
  • 1.209 m up / 840 m down
  • Highest point: 2.600 m (Peitlerkofel)
  • Lowest point: 1.860 m

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