Day 15 to Viel del Pan

Did I already say that I had the most amazing day? Well, today it was even more amazing! We had fantastic weather and tons of breathtaking views. The day started with a steep climb over our first via ferrata to the Rifugio Pisciadu (2.587m) from where we continued to the crestline of the plateau. It looked as if we were in the movie setting of Star Wars! The Dolomites have a completely different look to the Alps I know from Austria. So lots of photo shooting 😉 We continued hiking to the “Rifugio Boé” (which is currently expanding its sleeping possibilities) and from there took the ascent to the peak of the Piz Boé (3.150 m), the highest point on the “Dream Way” from Munich to Venice! Yeah Baby Yeah! The whole plateau around the Piz Boé was crowded with Italian day tourists and it took us a while to go down again due to queuing on the narrow paths. From the other end of the plateau I took the cable car to get down from 2.950m to 2.240m in 4 minutes, from where I hiked to today’s destination, the “Refugio Viel del Pan“. Always having the wonderful “Marmolada” peak in view.

Highlight of the day

Standing on the Piz Boé plateau and having the most impressive 360 degree view!

  • 15 km
  • 8 hr 30 min (incl 1,5 hr break)
  • 1.080 m up / 790 m down
  • Highest point: 3.150 m (Piz Boé)
  • Lowest point: 2.117 m (Grödner Joch)


  1. Liebe Vera,
    seit einigen Tagen verfolge ich nun deinen Blog und bin total begeistert … ich wünsche dir noch eine tolle Tour weiterhin und dass du findest was du suchst!

    Liked by 1 person

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