Day 16 to Alleghe

Today was a pretty unexcited day and we mainly walked on the road from the Lake Fedaia to the cute village Sottoguda with a lot of traditional houses and then along the river to the small city Alleghe. It was a loooong walk always downwards and unfortunately we could not walk the beautiful path in between the canyon as it was completely destroyed in the huge storm from October 2018. Also the woods all along the valley were completely destroyed and the trees lay down like fallen matches. What a desaster for this tourist region – it will take ages until they have it cleaned up. Alleghe itself is a typical little Italian village and we made it safely to our Hotel and then to the Pizzeria before it started to rain heavily.

Highlight of the day

Eating the first pizza on this trip – and yes, you don’t know what a real Italian pizza is like when not having it in Italy!

  • 24.5 km
  • 6 hr 45 min (incl 1 hr break)
  • 230 m up / 1.670 m down
  • Highest point: 2.432 m (Rifugio Viel dal Pan)
  • Lowest point: 979 m (Alleghe)

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