Day 21 to Arfanta

After the long day yesterday I cheated a bit on the way to Arfanta: I took the bus from Belluno to Corbanese and walked only 2 hr to the next destination “Agriturismo Le Noci“. Not being any longer in the high mountain area, it really gets hot in Italy: Having 34°C outside you’ll sweat like hell, especially when carring a heavy backpack on the up & down alleys inbetween the many vineyards. But it was such a lovely walk in this region where the original Prosecco comes from, always next to the Prosecco vines and beautiful Italian-styled farm houses. I wish I could own sth like this and have a little B&B-place here 😉 Once arriving at the nicest place so far – the “Agriturismo Le Noci” – I met the others who walked all the way from Belluno and it seems that taking the bus was the right decision: they said this was the worst hike of them all due to paths in very bad conditions. Anyway, I will for sure come back to “Le Noci” for some days of vacation, it is such a lovely place – totally in the middle of its own vineyards, offering their own wine and Prosecco, having the best organic dishes, super friendly hosts, waking up by a rooster call, and jumping in the pool to get awake. No wonder why we are all pretty tardily getting ready to continue our way to Venice… 😉

Highlight of the day

Enjoying this beautiful walk in-between the vineyards and tasting the cold Prosecco produced by our hosts.

  • 8 km (+ bus
  • 1 hr and 50 min
  • 350 m up / 200 m down
  • Highest point: 360 m (Arfanta)
  • Lowest point: 205 m (Corbanese)

1 Comment

  1. Liebe Vera, Jetzt hast Du endlich Zeit, mal ein bisschen durchzuschnaufen! Dass da im flachen Land mal ab und zu ne Busfahrt machst, ist ja nicht so dramatisch…!? Sag mir bitte, ob ich Dir und/oder Deinen Freunden in Venedig mal ne kleine Belohnung für‘s Fleißige Alpenwandern machen kann?!?? Wenn Du am Markusplatz dann ankommst, kannst Du mich ja vorher anrufen.. Liebe Grüße, fröhliches Weiterwandern und größte Anerkennung für Deine brutale Leistung in den letzten Tagen. Dein Pappes mit seiner heiligen Ursula!


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