Day 23 to Bocca Callalta

Out of all 23 days so far this was the worst. Though we started at 7am to not walk too long in the heat it soon became 38° degree, not a single cloud in the sky, shadow only randomly, no wind at all and 26km to go alternating on concrete main streets without sidewalks or in between corn fields whose corns were close to pop itself. We decided not to stay in San Bartolomeo (as recommended in the travel book) but to go 5 km more to a very nice hacienda we found on Though the “Il Refugio del Poeta” was slightly more away from the route and defenitely not a typical pilgrimage’s home, it was worth it: a big pool was awaiting us, wonderful rooms with aircon, great hosts and delicious breakfast. After such a long & hot walk this was our best treat.

Highlight of the day

Jumping in the pool!

  • 26 km
  • 8 hr (incl 30 min break)
  • 40 m up / 105 m down
  • Highest point: 70 m (Ponte della Priula)
  • Lowest point: 10 m (Bocca Callalta)

1 Comment

  1. Ja liebe Vera, ohne Berge ist die Welt nicht so schön…. aber Dein Markuss Platz liegt ja auch nicht auf‘m Berg!? Heute ist Deine Karte vom 11/07 Passo do Vizze angekommen! Vielen Dank!! Halt weiter durch …und in Harry‘ s Bar ( neben Markusplatz…) gebe ich , wenn’s soweit ist….) eine Runde Bellini aus. Liebste Grüße von MaPa


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