Day 24 to Lido di Jesolo

Is this for real? A few days ago I made almost 4,000 height meter on one stage and today not even 150… As the day was as sunny and hot as the days before I already knew I can’t walk 36 km and decided to take a bus for the first part (which was mainly on a road anyway). Hopping of the bus in Musile di Piave it still took me 4 hours to get to the district of Jesolo; all along the little river Fiume Sile and again in the hot sun, without shadow but luckily with a little wind already from the sea side. With the help of a strong Espresso I also made my way to Lido di Jesolo 5 km further, my feet quite painful and pretty swollen from the heat by then. But finally: the sea! Though its not the last stage yet it felt amazing – I really made it over the Alps from Munich to the Italian Coast. And was soon desillusionized by all the Austrian and German tourists holidaying 😉

Highlight of the day

Arriving at the beach, getting out of the shoes and feel the sand under my feet.

  • 21 km (+ 15 km by bus)
  • 5 hr 30 min
  • 60 m up / 80 m down
  • Highest point: 10 m (Bocca Callalta)
  • Lowest point: 2 m (Lido di Jesolo)


  1. Liebe Vera, wir gratulieren Dir zu dieser großartigen Leistung und dem Durchhalte- und Durchwandervermögen!! Klasse!! Wir freuen uns darauf, Dich bald einmal wieder zu sehen. Sehr herzlich, Susanne und Jochen, der vom Schreibtisch winkt.

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  2. Liebe Vera! Danke für No 24: Das hättest Du vor einem Jahr auch nicht geglaubt : FROM MUC OVER THE ALPS TO ITALIEN COAST!! Toll gemacht und Dein Papa kann vor lauter Tochterstolz kaum laufen! Genieß das Flachland und freu Dich auf Venedig! Herzliche Grüße von Papa

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